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In 2002 the company started a long term project to designed and manufactured various equipment for De Beers Geology at GSPS / GEMDL for the handling of diamond bearing gravel and final product. These designs included 50L drum opening units with lifting & tipping, skip lifting & tipping units, actuated knife gates with sensing & canister couplings, scale units and the full PLC / HMI automation thereof. In the laboratory the company developed unique magnetic locking diamond canisters including docking stations and a conveyor system. In 2004 the company built the majority of the Profi-Bus control junction boxes for the mv Grand Banks upgrade, including the full supply of equipment therein with supervision for the installation and termination up to C2 level. Since 2004 the company has been involved in numerous projects within the De Beers group of comapnies, ADP, DRA and many other companies. Some of the services we have conducted include feasibility studies, control system design, on-site installation, on-site management, equipment supply and documentation generation. The vast experience, dedication, backup and personal attention given by the company are the main reasons customers continue utilising our services. Financially Fuse-A-Tron has a high credit rating with no judgements against or refusals of credit facilities to the company. The company premises, two 200 sqm factories, are directly owned and initial project financing required can be carried by the company if required. In 2013 Fuse-A-Tron SA PTY(LTD) was established with the vision of expanding the company. This new company will continue with the name and services offered by Fuse-A-Tron cc and will expand on the 25 years of experience it has obtained. Fuse-A-Tron SA PTY(LTD) has two directors: Greg Kessler (CEO) and Garreth Kessler (MD). Going forward we will strive to deliver on time, on budget and exceed expectations. Mission Statement: To provide a cost effective quality custom solution to clients globally.    
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Fuse-A-Tron cc was established in 1989 to design and manufacture customised dedicated electronic interfaces for the process control industry. When the demand for these customised units decreased the company diversified by doing design, manufacture and servicing in the load measurement and automated control sectors of the process control industry. in 1991 the company was contracted to do the engineering of the first DCS (Distributed Control System) for De Beers Marine on the diamond drill vessels. Numerous PLC projects have been engineered for our customers including the supply and commissioning of specialised equipment for Control & Instrumentation. In 1993 Fuse-A-Tron developed the first in line canning system for De Beers Marine on the mv Atlantic, which remained in operation until it was upgraded in 2007. To date the company has manufactured and supplied 20+ in line canning systems and numerous associated systems to the De Beers Group of companies.